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Typical situations that we have been able to provide pertinent and useful information

You have worked hard to build up your estate, and now, due to a skilled nursing home stay for you or your spouse, you are worried that your assets will be depleted.

A member of your family is in a nursing home, and you would like to know if he or she can qualify for Medicaid payments.

You are in good health now but you are worried about what the future might bring.

You want to leave something for your heirs, but you are worried that if you ever need to go to a nursing home, everything will be consumed by your stay.

You have considered Long Term Care Insurance, but do not qualify or can not afford it.

A member of your family is being released from the hospital, and you need assistance with their medical and other substantial needs, OR you need help finding the best facility for their current needs.

Now that you are retired, your needs have changed, and you think that you might need additional estate planning or legal advice.

If any of the above are similiar to your situation, please call the Elder Advice Network for information.
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